Wanna know


this week?


Interested in coming in this week and wanting to be seen by a particular barber or stylist?  No problem, we've posted their schedule so you can pick the best day for you to visit.  It's simple, the day you decide you need to see a barber or stylist, simply reach out to us to get your name on the shop's daily wait list.  Just call the shop by dialing 404-565-0730 or simply stop by the shop in person. No matter the method you choose to place your name on The Shave's daily wait list, we recommend that you contact us as early in the day as possible.  Our daily wait list fills up very quickly and we want to ensure you have the best chance to be seen on your prefered day.  Once you have provided us with your name and contact information, one of our team members or our online wait list manager will provide you with our current estimated wait time.  We understand your time is valuable, so UNLIKE A TRADITIONAL BARBERSHOP, we do not force you to wait at our shop (although we do have arcade games, a TV, great music, amazing conversation and lots of vintage Playboys to keep you entertained should you decide to hang out).  We encourage you to run your errands, shop locally, grab a beer next door, or simply wait in the comfort of your own home until it is time for your turn in one of our chairs.  A team member will personally call you or the online wait list manager will text a notification to your phone approximately 10 – 15 minutes prior to your service.



Please ensure you are able to be at The Shave within 15-20 minutes of our notification call or text as we are unable to keep your place if you have not returned when the barber is ready for you.



We accept our last walk-in 30 minutes prior to closing: as long as our daily wait list permits.