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Brooke's journey began in 2012 at Virginia College where she was Pivot Point Trained. After school, and a short time in salons, she realized that men's grooming and short precision cuts were at the peak of her interests. She took her talents to the barbershops of a Georgia military town and perfected her craft. Brooke now specializes in fades, tapering and scissor cuts.  She is eager and is constantly practicing innovative men's grooming techniques. In her off time you can find Brooke outdoors, submerged in non-fiction, working out, traveling or checking out a local show.

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Since Christopher was ten he loved playing around with scissors and cutting his friends hair. He realized it was worth getting into to trouble over, he must really love it. As Chris grew so did his passion, eventually attending Mid South Styling Acedemy, leading to a career a 5 year career with Regis where he honed many of his skills. In his free time he also enjoys doing make up, hanging with his friends and family and trying new local restaurants. Chris is very excited to continue to career with The Shave becuase his favorite styles to cut are fades and large beards and we have plenty to go around.  

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A trained Barber with a back ground in Fashion and Art, David is a firm believer in the trans-formative power of a good haircut. His attention to detail and ability to connect with his clients while delivering their desired cuts make it seem like he is reading their mind...spoiler alert, he is! A South Florida transplant, David spends his free time exploring his new home Atlanta, playing video games, and collecting as many action figures as can fit in his loft apartment.

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Originally from McDonough Ga (and proud), baby Erin crawled at the feet of her great granny who had a barbershop in their home. It was only natural that after she learned to walk, she learned to cut. With over 10 years of professional experience specializing in men’s grooming, Erin joins The Shave team more than capable to tackle your fade or your beard. In Erin’s free time she enjoys, hanging with her boyfriend, going to shows in East Atlanta, and wood working. Fun fact: Her favorite tool is the scroll saw.

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With almost 10 years focusing on men’s grooming, we’re proud to have Julia join our team. After jumping in to the industry straight out of high school, she’s continually building her skill set, conquering goals and making clients laugh every day. Originally from McDonough Ga, Julia enjoys live music, binge watching Law and Order and rooting for the Falcons…and the Bears.

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Julie’s cuts are so much more than basic, they're divine!  Visit again soon for more information about Julie’s background and professional accomplishments.

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Get to know Wilhelm for a moment and you’ll hear about what he calls “Charleston’s superior hospitality”. Just try to argue with the man.  You’ll lose in the most cordial and friendly way. As a youth, Wilhelm fell in love with barbering from the start and after much practice he proudly acquired his Master Barber license. When not barbering he loves exotic food, traveling and volunteering with local at-risk youth. The Shave is proud to have Wilhelm help aid us in our combined belief that we can change lives one cut at a time.

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Growing up, Schuyler “Sky” has always had eclectic tastes: from poetry to skateboarding – and Johnny Cash to underground punk. However, his strong love for men’s fashion and grooming trumped all others. After playing with bands and traveling the US, Sky worked for Ralph Lauren and later Vans, brands that strongly reflected his duel interests. It was there that he honed his customer service and human relation skills over a 10 year career as a General Manager. He spends his free time going to events with his beautiful wife Madolyn, or cuddling with his dog sized cat, Phil. With years of leadership behind him and the ability to the anticipate the needs of his clients, Sky combines just the right amount of rugged and refined for a modern day barbershop.


Hailing from Lancaster, California, Brandon came to Atlanta with high expectations for himself and surroundings. Blazing his own path and inspiring those in his sphere of influence in a positive way is incredibly important to him. A hard worker his whole life, he’s gained supervisory roles in past positions very quickly. His core foundation is built on compassion and fairness which is crucial in the field of hospitality and crucial to The Shave’s philosophies. Brandon’s interests and hobbies are so varied; from comics to health and wellness, that finding common ground through great conversation comes easy for him.


While on his daily cycling excursions through the streets and back alleys of his home town ATL, Eli might easily be mistaken for a masked vigilante, minus the mask, and the aggression. Eli centers himself through photography, Chinese boxing, and meditation. His calm demeanor allows him to help balance the ruckus of our busy shop while greeting clients and keeping The Shave tidy. And damn, he’s good with a broom. Voltron Forever!